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Love starts with a sip

Jewels Cafe is a series of RH (reverse harem) novels by 12 amazing authors. The books take place in the same shared universe. They can be read as standalones and each book contains its own happily ever after.

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Amber (Book 1)

I’m in love with my best friend. But one sip of a spelled pumpkin spice latte, and two shifters are calling me their mate.

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Sapphire (Book 2)

I only date for two reasons—blood and ice cream. But but when an errant love spell hits, I fall madly in love with three of my man-snacks.

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Peridot (Book 3)

Live with your three best guy friends, they said! It won’t drive you crazy, they said! Lies! They are driving me crazy because I have a secret.

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Opal (Book 4)

One spelled pumpkin spice latte. Three handsome but unfriendly neighbors. A town where the unexplained might just be magical…

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Topaz (Book 5)

Not many people looked my way normally, but when you’re running down the street in a sky-blue ball gown with tears running down your face at the crack of dawn, they’re going to notice.

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Ruby (Book 6)

Thanks to the latte, I can see Parker is my soulmate. And he’s a demon. An angel can’t be soulmates with a demon! That’s impossible!

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Amethyst (Book 7)

Will Amethyst’s hatred over her past keep her from opening her heart and have her end up hexing herself?

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Pearl (Book 8)

Pearl is a witch who can’t cast spells, to her family’s embarrassment. One bad day and a PSL later, everything in her world is turned upside down. 

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Emerald (Book 9)

They say good things come for those who wait. Emerald used to believe that until her thirty-third birthday, when her life got turned upside down.

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Onyx (Book 10)

Onyx will deal with the results of making a wish in the Silver Springs magic spring.

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Moonstone (Book 11)

Christmas gifts aren’t the only surprises Ginny is going to get this year.

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Rose (Book 12)

Meet Rosalie, or Rose for short, she is a gorgeous plus sized heroine who is about to get mixed up in a whole ‘nother world!

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